Anita Jeglinska

Polish Association of Cannabis Therapies, Poland

Anita Jeglinska MPharm, President of the Polish Association for Cannabis Therapy PACT, is a highly accomplished pharmacist with a diverse educational background and extensive expertise in pharmaceutical science. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Gdańsk Medical University and has completed postgraduate studies in Pharmaceutical Care in Geriatrics at the University of Medical Sciences in Poznań. Currently, she is pursuing her specialization in community pharmacy at Warsaw Medical University while also working towards her doctorate at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Medical Sciences in Poznań.

Anita Jeglinska MPharm is a proud member of several prestigious organizations, including the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (since 2021), the International Society of Cannabis Pharmacists (since 2022), and the Polish Society of Clinical Pharmacy. Her commitment to continuous learning and research is exemplified by her completion of the Medical Cannabis Course at the Multidisciplinary Center for Cannabinoid Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

As an expert in pharmaceutical compounding, particularly in the field of medical cannabis, Anita Jeglinska MPharm frequently serves as a speaker at medical conferences for healthcare professionals, she is an author of webinars for doctors, pharmacists, and students in the medical field.