Livio Luongo

University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, Italy

Livio Luongo is Associate Professor of Pharmacology at the Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, Naples Italy. Livio has had a long-term interest in the mechanisms at the basis of pain chronification with specific interest in the non-neuronal cells involvement and the endocannabinoid/endovanilloid modulation. He received the PhD in pharmacology from the University of Naples in 2008. Livio spent half of His PhD in the Wolfson center, King’s College London in the Prof. Marzia Malcangio’s Lab. He also spent half post-doc at the Queen Mary University, London working in the Prof. Mauro Perretti Department under the supervision of Prof. Fulvio D’Acquisto. Before the professorship Livio has been working in the Prof Gabriella Gobbi lab for a month at the McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. He has several research grants funded by the Italian Ministry of Research and by private Pharma including GW pharmaceuticals, UK and Dompè Farmaceutici, Italy.